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  • Sunny Side Up

    Abstract Realism

    18 x 24 original palette knife oil on gallery wrap canvas, unframed


    After completing my family of cows I felt the need to do a true, complete abstract painting. I never thought I would paint an abstract, they have never been my favorite. Why do I say complete?


    Because many of my paintings have portions of abstract in them but are not completely abstract as portions of the paining are realistic. I’ve never been a big fan of abstracts, so many times I have seen paint thrown on canvas and been left to scratch my head. But after studying and looking into other artists work I found that true abstract paintings have symbolism and a story to tell. They’re not just paint thrown on canvas. This is just one artist’s opinion of course.


    This artwork was done with the pallet knife. There are areas in this painting that are layered and then scraped into to create interesting details. Everyone will have a their own interpretation of over easy. Different areas in the paining symbolize different things for different people.


    For me to give you the meaning of this abstract would be unfair.What is your interpretation?


    Drop me a line and tell me what you think?

    Sunny Side Up

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