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Lori Rowe

Lori Rowe

Visual Artist

Contemporary Impressionism

- Brushwork, Palette Knife and Finger Paintings -

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Artist Statement

I am a self-taught visual artist influenced by contemporary impressionism artists, old and new. My artwork originates from intuitive creative visions vividly racing through my mind. These compelling ideas come alive and insist, that I paint them. As I do, I often learn something new about myself, my subjects, and my artistic abilities as I experiment with endless variations of color and technique to create my artwork. I've discovered I'm not afraid to break the rules when the creative moment demands it. I work in watercolor, acrylic, and oil, but I've discovered I prefer working in oil because of its vibrant color, the way it can be manipulated on canvas, and its blending properties.


My mission is simple. I intend to create original works of art that are emotionally engaging, visually stunning, and stand apart from any other.


Lori was born in New London, CT, and is presently living in Vero Beach, FL, where she works in her studio in the rear of her art gallery.


Lori is a creative visionary producing a broad spectrum of subjects in color-drenched contemporary impressionistic artworks. Taking inspiration from her vivid imagination and her many friends in the art community, she boldly creates pieces that engage every capacity of the human experience.


Lori Rowe explores endless variations of color and technique to produce vibrant elements in her creative work. A self-taught artist, Rowe began painting as a means to remember beloved pets, but soon discovered a passion to create art that goes well beyond her love for animals.


A closer look at her body of work hints at the influences of admired contemporary artists, both old and new. Rowe experiments with various methods of getting the paint onto the canvas in her quest for artistic expressions, such as brushwork, palette knife, and finger painting. Using bold strokes with vivid colors, she produces the incredible works displayed in her gallery.


As a passionate animal lover, she spent much of her time working with worthy animal rescue organizations as an animal biography writer. This resulted in becoming a featured artist in various animal charity publications as you will discover on the PRESS tab.


In 2018, Lori and her husband Gregory founded The Rowe Gallery as a prominent Borrego Springs art gallery which quickly became one of the popular must-see stops for art connoisseurs in Southern California.


As life would have it, her husband's employment circumstances prompted relocation. Keeping her commitment to do life together with her husband of 27 years. The Rowe's packed up the entire household and Gallery and moved to Vero Beach, FL in 2020.


On March 03, 2021, The Rowe Gallery – fine art, opened for business at 46 Royal Palm Pointe, Vero Beach, FL where guests are encouraged to drop in to enjoy an assortment of complimentary beverages and chat it up in the studio with Lori and her husband Gregory.


Lori invites you to come to visit the gallery! Relax and fully experience the visually stunning works of art on display in the current exhibit.

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