Lori Rowe

Born in New London, CT

Lives & works in Borrego Springs, CA


Lori Rowe explores the endless variations of color and technique to produce vibrant elements in her creative work. A self-taught artist, Rowe began painting as a means to remember beloved pets, but soon discovered a passion to create art that goes well beyond her love for animals.


Take a closer look at her body of work and you will see the influences of admired contemporary artists represented. Some hints of San Diego artist Erin Hanson, well known for her open impressionism landscapes, appear as well as Brooklyn New York artist Iris Scott, famous for finger paintings. You may also see old world master influence such as Claude Monet, the founder of French Impressionist painting and Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch Post-Impressionist painter. 


In her quest for artistic expression, Rowe experiments with various methods of applying paint to canvas, such as brushwork, palette knife, and finger painting. Using bold strokes with vivid colors, Rowe produces the incredible works displayed in her gallery.

Rowe, as a passionate animal lover, donates much of her time to animal rescue organizations. Her work has resulted in becoming a featured artist in various animal charity publications.

In 2018, Lori founded The Rowe Gallery as a prominent Borrego Springs art gallery. 


Come spend your day enjoying beautiful works of art at her studio and showroom and make sure to check out our upcoming events and new exhibits.

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  • Internationally recognized “Payne’s Gray” featured on the “Animal Lover’s Art Exhibition Auction Poster held at the Abu Dubai Millennium Hotels sponsored by Strays of Abu Dubai Artist and coordinator Laurel Moore.

  • Five years as a featured artist in Paws for Charity.

  • Five-time by invitation only entry into the publication of 1000 Dog Portraits by Robynne Raye, author and curator.

  • “RUBY” Third place winner at the prestigious Llano Estacado Art Association 2010 Fall Open Art Show.

  • “Chrome Roster” commissioned to decorate the walls of the Chrome Rooster Cafe, TX