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  • Paint It Black

    Abstract Realism

    20 x 24 original palette knife on gallery wrap canvas, framed


    I created Paint it Black because I love to paint Ravens. I love everything about them, their size, their color, the sound of their vocalization all bring me joy.


    This painting was a different approach for me as I painted a abstract background paired with a realistic Raven. I was striving for something unique and feel I achieved that.


    The painting is done with a palette knife and impasto (additive used to stiffen and harden oil paint). It allows the artist to use brushes or palette knife and the paint stays exactly as they leave it. Impasto must be used right away, once mixed, as it will harden on the palette. I also used multiple layers to create this effect and, used my fingers to add the gold accents.

    Paint It Black

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