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  • Get Together

    Abstract Realism

    24 x 36 original palette knife oil on gallery wrap canvas, framed


    I painted this because one morning the image popped into my head of a triptych of palms each their own color. The first completed is my favorite juicy raspberry red/pink. If you look carefully you will see four different shades used to complete the background layers.


    The process is impasto with a palette knife. Impasto is an additive to thicken and harden paint so it stays exactly as you place it. It must be done immediately so the paint doesn’t harden on the palette 🎨 Once I started adding the Palm I was committed, no turning back.


    I am very happy with the results of this painting and hope to complete the other two companion pieces soon.

    Get Together Red 1 of 3 Triptych

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