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  • Flowers On The Wall


    20 x 20 original brushwork oil on gallery wrap canvas framed


    This painting is produced almost entirely with an oil glaze. I had a glowing intensity in mind for this piece, so I thought I could achieve that by using an oil glaze technique.


    I painted the background first, which I practically never do, and then added in the flowers and vase. Each petal and leaf were drawn in, outlined with oil paint and then the the petal color was added for each flower. In areas that were darker than I wanted, I added light effects. Take a closer look in a magnified view and you can find them.


    I needed to take extreme care not to even touch the background with another color or it would ruin the glowing effect. I painted this using traditional oil paint for the flowers and a brushed on oil glaze to produce the glowing effect.

    Flowers On The Wall

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